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The inspection of a home is apart of the traditional process of selling. Buyers need confidence before committing to a thirty-year mortgage, so they want to know what kinds of repairs they’re going to be facing. A lot of the time, even the homeowner is not aware of all of the things that need to be done to make their home sell-able. In the case where they need to sell fast, they may not have time to wait on an inspection and then complete the demands of the buyer. The best alternative to this issue is to sell, as is, for cash.

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So, you find yourself facing the difficult situation of being left with a damaged home after allowing renters in. This is a true nightmare for every home owner. We have worked with many people in this predicament, so it’s nothing new to us. There’s nothing you could’ve done differently. Sometimes you just get a bad egg and, before the ink dries on the lease, you’ve got dents in your walls and holes in your ceiling.

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