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It is definitely no easy feat to land a home in a competitive market. But, if you’re persistent, you’ll eventually get what you want. Prepare yourself for a fight, so to speak. Take time to relax now, because the road ahead is long and paved with Legos… Er, fellow potential homeowners who share your same tastes. But, that’s okay! You’re up for a challenge if it means owning real estate in your dream neighborhood.
Here are ten signs that show you’re in for some competition.

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Inheriting a home may seem like a nice idea from the out set, but that is not always the case.Often, these homes are in desperate need of improvement and if you’re not in the financial or physical position to handle these repairs, a blessing can quickly turn into a curse. In this instance,if you don’t want to deal with the rigors of the real estate market, you can sell your house for cash.This option frees you of the burden you’ve been presented with and allows you to walk away with money to fulfill other obligations.

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