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6 Reasons to Stage a Home That’s for Sale

Why should I stage my home before trying to sell it? What do I get in return, for all of that time, effort and money? These are some of the most frequently asked questions about home staging, and this article tackles them head on. It offers six good reasons why you should stage a home that’s for sale.

6 Reasons to Stage Your Home When Selling

Whether you’re in a buyers’ market, a sellers’ market, or somewhere in between, home staging will help you sell your house more quickly and for the best possible price. Those are the two biggest reasons to stage a home. But they’re not the only reasons…

  • Home staging increases the chance for a sale. Selling quickly is one of the top two goals among sellers (getting a good price is the other). When you stage a home that’s for sale, you are essentially highlighting everything that’s good about the home. By extension, you are increasing the buyer’s desire and the likelihood of a sale. This is especially important in a hot market where homes are selling quickly.
  • Home staging can reduce your “days on market.” Let’s face it. Selling a house is no picnic. It’s like living in a model home. You have to keep it clean at all times. You have to rush out every time an agent drops by with buyers. It’s stressful and inconvenient. So anything you can do to reduce the time it takes to sell is worth doing. That’s another reason to stage a home that’s for sale. Staging has been proven to reduce the number of days a property is on the market. It helps you reach your goal sooner, rather than later.
  • Home staging helps justify the asking price. When buyers visit a home that’s for sale, they want to know two things right off the bat. (1) Is this the home for me? And (2) is this house worth the asking price? Staging your home will help you justify the asking price in the minds of buyers. Granted, you have to be realistic when setting your asking price, by looking at recent sales data. But it helps to position the home favorably in the buyer’s mind — and that’s exactly what staging does.
  • Staging forces you to organize and De-clutter your home. Clearing closets, shelves and cabinets is one of the first steps in the home staging process. It will make your house appear larger, while also helping buyers envision themselves living in the home. De-cluttering and De-personalizing also gives you a big head start on your moving preparation. Pro tip: Consider using PODS or a similar service to temporarily relocate and store your excess “stuff.” It makes the staging process easier, and the storage box can then be moved to your new address when the time comes.
  • Home staging forces you to think like a buyer. When you begin staging your home, you’ll be looking at the property from a buyer’s perspective (or at least you should be looking at it that way). To stage a house successfully, you must make it appeal to the majority of buyers. So you must think like them. Adopting this mindset early on will help you in other ways as well. It gives you a broader and more realistic perspective on pricing and negotiations.
  • Home staging can be fun! Yes, there will be some work involved. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty to make your house clean and presentable. And yes, there may be some out-of-pocket expenses (which you’ll more than make up for down the road). But staging a home for sale can also be fun. Many people find that they actually enjoy putting on their “designer’s hat” to decorate and stage a house. Embrace it.

The biggest reasons to stage a home that’s for sale are (A) to sell it faster and (B) to get top dollar for the house. But as you can see, there are many other benefits as well.

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