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City Of Tacoma Code Violations

Case Study 1

Our Seller’s Challenge:
The home in question was given to three relatives when a family member passed away. The home was empty for many years because none of those who inherited it could afford to do anything to it. Over time, the condition of the residence grew worse and worse, coming close to a state of disrepair.
Fair Share Properties Solution:
We received a phone call from one of the owners, inquiring about our buying process. A meeting was arranged between our company and the owners so that they could decide what they wanted to do with the home. We offered a decent cash amount for the property and promised to buy as-is. This deal eliminated any need for the owners to pay for repairs out of pocket. It also ensured the total pay off of any outstanding tax bills. Heirs were able to walk away with money of their own, as well.
Our Seller’s Outcome:
The sellers were relieved of this real estate burden that had been weighing them down for a very long time. They all received cash from the deal to do as they wished, and the home was repaired and given a purpose.
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