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Downsizing / Lost Job

Case Study 1

Our Seller’s Challenge:
Our seller had been living in the same home for many years when an unexpected lay off resulted in a significant decline in income. Because his children had already begun leaving the nest, the owner and his wife decided they wanted to move into a smaller home. However, they were rapidly facing foreclosure due to their inability to pay the substantial mortgage. They just didn’t have time to list the home on the market and wait for a buyer.
Fair Share Properties Solution:
We got the seller and his wife into our office and negotiated an all-cash offer that they were glad to accept. This deal allowed the couple and their family to remain in their home until they were able to secure a new residence. It also put money in their pockets so that they could afford to realize their desired investments. We took over the home before foreclosure could occur, which saved the owner’s credit, as well.
Our Seller’s Outcome:
The owner and his family are happily relocated to a smaller home that they can easily afford. They are no longer held down by the anxiety of an impending foreclosure, and their credit and sanity were spared by our willingness and ability to purchase the home in a prompt manner.
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