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Investment Property

Case Study 1

Our Seller’s Challenge:
This home was being used as a rental property and renters were slowly accruing fines with the city due to disruptions and non-compliance. The renters were causing damage to the home, as well, and were not paying rent. There were so many expensive repairs that needed to be done that the owner simply wanted to be rid of the home. She just did not want to have to worry about putting in the time and money to put it on the market.
Fair Share Properties Solution:
We collaborated with the owner of the home to create a suitable cash offer, which gave her the opportunity to be relieved of her burden. Fair Share took ownership of the home, worked on handling the tenants, and took care of any outstanding issues with the city.
Our Seller’s Outcome:
Calling Fair Share Properties was the best thing this seller could have done in her situation. She was able to invest her equity in something more worthwhile to herself and now has time and energy to do other things.


Case Study 2

Our Seller’s Challenge:
Our seller was having a ton of issues with her tenants not paying their rent. Payments were behind six months. Therefore, she was having trouble keeping up with tax bills and other expenses of home-ownership. The tenants were not taking care of the home, nor were they up-keeping the exterior of the property. Thus, resulting in many fees issued by the city of Tacoma. The owner wanted to sell, but did not have the funds to face the extreme financial obligation of doing so.
Fair Share Properties Solution:
We met with the owner of the home to discuss the sale. Our cash offer was extremely reasonable and provided the owner with the opportunity to wipe her hands of the place while paying off fines and overdue taxes, as well as to have money in her pockets for desired investments. We immediately got to work on clearing up any violations with the city by re-vamping and renovating the property.
Our Seller’s Outcome:
The seller has moved on to better things. She is no longer tied down to the rental home that was not bringing her any joy and is free to invest in the things that do. The process occurred much more quickly than it would have if she’d listed the home on the market.
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