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Neighborhood Problems

Case Study 1

Our Seller’s Challenge:
Our Seller was still holding on to his starter home, which was purchased before he was married, had children, and experienced a change in career. He found himself dissatisfied with the quality of the local, public school as his son was preparing to enter into Kindergarten. He was also driving over 45-minutes to commute to his new job. The homeowner wanted to sell the place, but was skeptical that the home would be bought before the start of school in the fall.
Fair Share Properties Solution:
Knowing that the owner desired a fast transaction, we offered him cash for his home upon our first meeting. He could remain in the home until he’d bought a new place in a better neighborhood for his family. Then, we would close in a timely manner, ensuring his son had time to transition into their sought after school district for Kindergarten.
Our Seller’s Outcome:
The seller and his family are living in a home in a desirable neighborhood. Their son can go to school in a safe place and the drive to work is only about fifteen minutes for the seller.
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