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Don’t Hold On To That Money Pit- Sell Fast, For Cash!

Inheriting a home may seem like a nice idea from the out set, but that is not always the case.Often, these homes are in desperate need of improvement and if you’re not in the financial or physical position to handle these repairs, a blessing can quickly turn into a curse. In this instance,if you don’t want to deal with the rigors of the real estate market, you can sell your house for cash.This option frees you of the burden you’ve been presented with and allows you to walk away with money to fulfill other obligations.

Problems left behind
Usually, when a person inherits property, it comes from a deceased family member who was too ill in their final days to properly care for the home and grounds. Either that, or the home was abandoned, altogether, while the relative lived else where to receive care. Although their intentions were likely good when they willed out their prized possession, they probably didn’t put much thought into the financial obligation attached.
Hard to sell
When a home is in less than prime condition, it may be very difficult to sell on the real estate market. Buyers will take one look and turn the other way due to the unappealing appearance. You have the option of hiring contractors and paying for up grades in effort to generate offers, but it will likely cost you a lot of money to do so. Sometimes, there is a pushy homeowners’ association requiring work to be done on the property, or even the city, itself. Thus, your anxiety will bemounting with each passing day.
The best option for you
The most attractive option available to you is selling to an investor for cash. When you do this, you avoid all of the time and stress that comes along with using a real estate agent. Selling to an investor eliminates the long wait for a sale and the need to make the place look presentable.
When you make the decision to meet with us here at Fair Share Properties, you will be given a cash offer within a short period of time, likely within a day. The home’s condition will be considered when the offer is made. However, given the alternative, you won’t be able to refuse.
You will bypass months of home improvement efforts and expense.
If you’ve inherited a home that is just beyond your means to up-keep, avoid losing equity and sell quickly with Fair Share Properties. The process is guaranteed to be simple and efficient. You are not obligated to sit up under this huge burden any longer than it takes to make a phone call!

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