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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure FAQs

Q: Does Fair Share Properties have experience with bankruptcy/foreclosure sales?

A: We most certainly do. We’ve been buying homes out of our Tacoma, Washington headquarters for years and we’ve dealt with pretty much every kind of financial difficulty that homeowners can face. Our ability to make an all-cash, as-is offer allows you the flexibility you need to get out from under your debts and back on your feet again.

Q: Am I obligated in any way if you come out for a personal visit?

A: Not at all. Our visit is intended to assess your property and discuss with you the options available for expediting a sale and resolving your current financial problems. That said, if you choose to look for another solution, we certainly understand and will not hold you responsible for any fees or agreements.

Q: Can you help me with refinancing if I don’t want to sell?

A: We definitely can. The risk with refinancing is the possibility of your arrangements falling through at the last minute. We understand that and will work with you to prevent that from happening. We always put the individual first at Fair Share Properties, so we’re ready to go the extra mile to help you hold on to your home.

Q: What can you do for me if I do decide to sell my home?

A: If you do make the choice to sell your home, we can make you an all-cash, as-is offer that will allow the sale to go through as quickly as possible in order to help you meet any and all deadlines. If you have no equity in your home, we can work directly with your bank to negotiate a reduction of your debt in exchange for you paying off any outstanding mortgage loans.

Q: Once I sell, do I have to move right away?

A: Not if it’s not convenient for you. We understand that moving is stressful and having to do it under the gun is even harder, so we would never put that kind of pressure on you. We’re more than happy to agree on a moving date that works for you and we’ll even help you to make the arrangements for the move itself.

Q: How do I know you won’t try to low-ball me?

A: Making an offer that is lower than it should be would be unethical and we pride ourselves in doing right by our customers. At the same time, our as-is purchase policy makes that practice completely unnecessary. We have the expertise to take any property and make the necessary renovations that will allow us to get the most for our money and we can see the potential in a property despite its run down condition. For this reason, we will always make our offers based on that potential so that you are getting a fair amount for your home.

Q: Does the condition of my home matter?

A: Not at all! We buy every property as-is because we have the ability to see the potential in a property and the experience to put in all of the necessary work to achieve it. For that reason, we never balk at taking on any property, even those that traditional realtors would deem unsalable.

Q: Is there enough time to complete a deal if the Trustee's Sale for my home is coming up soon?

A: Yes there is! Because we deal in all-cash transactions and always have funds available, we can move as quickly as possible. We can even move quickly enough to stop your foreclosure sale and secure your equity for you.

Q: Can we do this without all of my neighbors knowing my situation?

A: We certainly can. Your financial troubles are your business and we understand that. We keep every detail of your sale completely confidential and because we deal in cash only, we can complete any transaction immediately so there is no need to ever list your home. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Q: Why should I deal with you instead of a traditional realtor?

A: Traditional realtors charge a commission for selling your home, so you’ll not only have to face closing costs but this extra expense as well. Because we buy your home directly, there is no extra paperwork or fees. You’ll get the cash you need, up front, as quickly as possible. It makes the home selling process as problem free as possible for everyone involved.

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