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Homeowners FAQ’s

Q: Why should I work with Fair Share Properties rather than a traditional homebuyer?

A: Fair Share Properties is a real estate service firm based in Tacoma, Washington. We’ve been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions in Pierce County, King County and Thurston County. Our team members have helped homeowners navigate complex situations, including estate sales, investment sales and foreclosures. We have the expertise to help you through any situation and the ability to expedite your sale by virtue of our unique, all-cash, as-is offer approach.

Q: What kinds of property does Fair Share Properties deal with?

A: We will purchase everything from single-family homes to multi-family dwellings. We can purchase one investment property or an entire portfolio at once. And because we have the expertise to make any and all repairs, we will take your property as-is, no matter how much damage might be involved. Nothing scares us away!

Q: Can you ensure that all transactions are completely private?

A: We certainly can. Our team of professionals will go out of their way to make sure that every step of the home selling process is kept in the strictest confidence. We understand that selling your home can be a sensitive subject and that you might prefer that friends and neighbors not be aware of the details. We consider ours a people business and we always put the needs of our customers first.

Q: Why should I be interested in your all-cash, as-is offers?

A: Well, why wouldn’t you be? Our ability to make all-cash, as-is offers only gives you the distinct advantage when you are selling your home. We’re not bound by the intricacies of financing, so we can pay up front, right away. This can be particularly advantageous if you are facing a financial deadline of your own, so that you can get the cash you need, when you need it. And we won’t be put off by homes that might scare other buyers away, because we buy every property as-is, no matter how rough its condition.

Q; How do I know you won’t try to low-ball me?

A: Making an offer that is lower than it should be would be unethical and we pride ourselves in doing right by our customers. At the same time, our as-is purchase policy makes that practice completely unnecessary. We have the expertise to take any property and make the necessary renovations that will allow us to get the most for our money and we can see the potential in a property despite its run down condition. For this reason, we will always make our offers based on that potential so that you are getting a fair price for your home.

Q: Am I under any obligation once you’ve come to visit my home?

A: Absolutely not. We charge no fees at any time and you are never obligated to accept our offer. While we’ll go out of our way to make you a fair offer, you always have the option of turning us down, no strings attached.

Q: How soon after your visit will you make a written offer?

A: Immediately! Because we are an all cash business, we’ve always got the funds on hand to finance any deal, so we can make an instant offer as soon as we’ve finished the initial visit. If you need an expedited sale, we can get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I delay the sale if I’m not ready to move right away?

A: Absolutely! Again, the fact that we have funds on hand allows us to complete a transaction at any time. If you need time to schedule your move or make other arrangements, we can hold off and wait until you’re ready to complete the deal.

Q: If we do make a deal immediately, how quickly do I have to move?

A: We never want to put pressure on you. Since our all-cash financing gives us the flexibility to offer a deal at any time, we can tailor the transaction to suit your needs. We’ll work with you to schedule a closing date that gives you all the time you need to make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

Q: Can you help me get rid of any items in my home that I no longer want?

A: We certainly can. We’re prepared to take your property as-is, which includes any items that you may choose to leave behind. Once you’ve packed up everything you’re taking with you, just leave the rest where it is and our staff will go about the process of finding it all a home or disposing of it as necessary so that it doesn’t have to be an extra headache for you.

Q: Why should I deal with you instead of a traditional realtor?

A: Traditional realtors charge a commission for selling your home, so you’ll not only have to face closing costs but this extra expense as well. Because we buy your home directly, there is no extra paperwork or fees. You’ll get the cash you need, up front, as quickly as possible. It makes the home selling process as problem free as possible for everyone involved.

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