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Problems With The Neighborhood

Sometimes, the biggest issue with selling a house has nothing to do with the house itself. The old real estate adage about “location, location, location” is as true as ever. The neighborhood a home is in can have a huge impact on its marketability.

Unfortunately, most neighborhood related issues are not something a homeowner can solve on their own, but they can still drive away potential buyers at an alarming rate. With years of experience in the home buying business and a keen awareness of Seattle and the surrounding areas, Fair Share Properties is uniquely qualified to take on your property without letting neighborhood challenges put us off.

Everything from problem neighbors to escalating crime rates can cause property values to plummet and make selling a home that much more difficult. Something as simple as a barking dog may make potential buyers reconsider, no matter how much they may be attracted to your home. And even if your property is well maintained, if you’ve got neighbors whose yards and homes look like a mess that can still reflect poorly on your home.

At the same time, a neighborhood with a high crime rate will be less of a draw and can bring sales to a halt. But we won’t let any of that faze us. We’re ready to make you an all-cash, as-is offer on your home with no fees attached, regardless of any potential neighborhood related issues.
Another big drawback for homebuyers is nearby development. Some types of development can actually help to improve a neighborhood, driving up home values for everyone, but others are seen as a detriment. Everything from adult entertainment venues to bars to factories can constitute a threat to overall value of a neighborhood.

Even large, multi-family developments can be an issue as they can lead to over-crowding, which can drive some potential buyers away. Again, none of that is an issue for us. We’ll assess the neighborhood and any ongoing or proposed development fairly and make you an all-cash, as-is deal regardless of possible issues.

Barking dogs aren’t the only noise issue that can affect neighborhoods. Nearby freeways, highways, rail lines or airports can all create major headaches for property owners. You can’t do anything about stopping the noise, but that shouldn’t prevent you from getting a fair deal on your home. We’ll make that happen with our straight up, all-cash deals, and you can move on and let the noise be our problem.

Don’t let a bad neighborhood stand in the way of making a good deal for your home. Call Fair Share Properties at (253) 236-0400 and we’ll make it a beautiful day in the neighborhood for you!

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