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Home Selling Solutions: Bankruptcy & Foreclosure

Bankruptcy and foreclosure are two of the most difficult challenges any homeowner could ever face. It’s hard enough experiencing tough financial times, having to quickly expedite the sale of your home and a move to a new location only makes it that much tougher. We understand that, as well as all of the intricate steps involved in handling a home sale under these circumstances, and we’ll work with you and your bank or other lender to make sure that everything is handled as professionally and thoroughly as possible.

Usually, when financial difficulties force the sale of a home, the process can take one of several forms: refinancing’ selling and moving immediately; selling immediately but moving later or declaring bankruptcy because you have no equity. No matter which way you opt to go, we can see you through the process. Our ability to make an up front, all-cash, as-is offer on any home makes us uniquely qualified to be buyers in situations involving financial problems.

We’re not hamstrung by financing on our end, so we can step in and provide the buy out you need to get out from under your debts and back on your feet, while satisfying the lender at the same time. No matter how difficult things may seem, you always have options and you should never be afraid or embarrassed to reach out to us. Our home selling solution to your needs begins with an initial phone call, during which we will listen to your side of things and explain our side so that everyone can proceed on the same page.

With that initial conversation completed, we’ll move on to sending one of our experts out to pay a personal visit to the property so that we know exactly what we’re working with. Then we will sit down with you and formulate a deal that will work for everyone involved. Whether this entails making a quick, all-cash offer so that you can turn around and refinance, or just allowing you to get out from under and move quickly, we are more than willing to do our share. We can even work with you to negotiate a moving date that works for you if you aren’t ready to leave right away.

If you have no equity, we can work directly with your bank to reduce what you owe in exchange for your agreeing to pay off all outstanding mortgage loans. And we’ll handle everything completely confidentially so that your friends and neighbors never need to know that you are facing financial difficulty. We’ll see you all the way through the closing, making sure that all the paperwork is completed correctly and on time and because we deal in cash, we can do so quickly and easily so that you can meet any deadlines you might be facing.

It can be tough to make ends meet these days, but there is no reason why your financial difficulties should sink you. Call Fair Share Properties at 253-236-0400 and we’ll help you get out from under those mounting debts and back on the road to financial stability before you know it!

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