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“We had an older home to sell and Fair Share Properties helped us with the utmost honesty and a relaxed approached. The price we were given was fair and we were not pushed out of our home. We were able to schedule the closing for a time when we had secured another home to live in. Michael and his crew are wonderful to work with. I definitely recommend them as they stick to their word.”

— Warren & Angie S., Lakewood

“Working with Fair Share Properties to sell my mom’s house was a wonderful experience. The selling process was professional and very quick. It really accommodated our time frame. I feel the price we negotiated with Fair Share was fair and our net proceeds went above and beyond what we would have received with a Realtor. I definitely suggest doing business with this company.”

— Laurie K., Seattle, Wash.

“Fair Share Properties offered a professional service that was also personalized to my family’s needs. They exhibited honesty and were very committed to doing what they said they would do. We were given a fair price, and the sale of my father’s house was quick and easy. Thank you Fair Share Properties for living up to your promises!”

— Megan K., Seattle, WA

“I give my experience with Fair Share Properties two-thumbs up. Immediately, I was impressed upon first meeting with the company by their professional attitude. It didn’t take long before they offered me a decent amount for both of my rentals. There were no surprises and everything went smoothly. Fair Share paid all legal expenses. Because I did not live in the area, I really was grateful for the way the staff handled my situation. I am very pleased.”

— Amanda C., Spanaway

“The whole process of selling my home was without complication. The Fair Share team provided all necessary support and made sure I understood every bit of what was going on. It was really hard to sell my grandmother’s home, because of the lifelong memories. But, we were confident it was safe with Fair Share. I have recommended them to people I know. The work Fair Share Properties has done to Nana’s house is amazing already, and they’re not even done! I drive by often to check out the progress and can’t wait to see how it turns out in the end.”

— Janette P., Seattle, Wash.

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