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How To Sell Without An Inspection

The inspection of a home is apart of the traditional process of selling. Buyers need confidence before committing to a thirty-year mortgage, so they want to know what kinds of repairs they’re going to be facing. A lot of the time, even the homeowner is not aware of all of the things that need to be done to make their home sell-able. In the case where they need to sell fast, they may not have time to wait on an inspection and then complete the demands of the buyer. The best alternative to this issue is to sell, as is, for cash.

Upon Receiving An Inspection
The purpose of an inspection is to give the buyer piece of mind. The inspection reveals all of the structural flaws of the home and allows the buyer the chance to accept or to request changes from the home owner. In the case that the buyer accepts the home with damages, the owner usually has to offer cash to compensate for the inconvenience of the added expense. If the buyer makes stipulations, then the seller is required to meet the demands in a set amount of time if the sale is to go through as scheduled. This whole process results in tons of extra time and money invested by the home owner.

Selling Without A Home Inspection
There is a way to make sure you never have to suffer through this process when selling your home. This alternative is selling for cash to an investor. Investors will buy your home without requiring you to make any repairs or pay for them. The investor will walk through your house and determine it’s worth based on everything that needs to be done, then offer to buy it as-is. The price offered is generally less than retail, but the burdens that are alleviated from the owner are far beyond worth it.

If you’re curious about selling for cash and avoiding the hassle of an inspection, give us a call today! It does not matter what type of repairs your home needs, cash selling is a sure method of acceptance. Relief from the stress you are facing is only a phone call away!

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