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Not Your Parents’ Curb Appeal — Why it Matters Now More Than Ever

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are eve
rything. Just like you wouldn’t go see a movie if
the previews were bad, you can’t expect someone to buy
a home that epitomizes the B-list of real estate.
Curb appeal refers to the outward


of a property. With the advent of fingertip techno
prospective home-buyers can flip through listings with t
he greatest of ease. If they see something they
don’t like, it’s quickly on to the next option.
That is why it is more important now than ever before
to put some extra effort into your property. It may
simply not be enough to re-paint the shutters and plan
t a few pretty bushes in the front yard. Your home’s
internet image should be of utmost consideration, if yo
u hope to lure in the buyers.
Internet appeal
Things have changed over the years. While it has alway
s been more fruitful to perk up your property
before listing, real estate websites have made home shop
ping akin to the leisure of picking out a new scarf.
Home-buyers can log on and access a plethora of listings, co
mplete with photographs, from anywhere with
a touch.
Your home

the WHOLE home

needs to be extremely photogenic to pass the

scroll test.

If the home is
unappealing on the web, shoppers are going to flip pa
st without much consideration.
Your end goal should be internet appeal, which is achi
eved through a combination of prep-work on the
exterior of your home and exceptional photographic di
splay. These days, buyers do not drive past and
check out listings. They must, instead, be enticed from afa
r to set up an appointment to view a home.
What you need to do
You must do what you can to perfect your listing. Perh
aps, this may mean investing in a professional
photographer to maximize your chances of showing the pro
perty. You will need to fix any glaring
imperfections both inside and out of the home, as well,
so that the images you place online will reflect all o
the positive aspects of your place. Yes, it is more work t
han had to be done in your parents’ day, but you’re
more likely to be successful in selling if you prioritize y
our web presence.

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