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We occasionally receive calls from people who own homes in Tacoma & Seattle but live elsewhere in the U.S. These out-of-state homeowners often have a hard time managing their rentals and/or vacant homes.

Here are some of the most common problems out-of-state property owners face, based on our experiences working with them.

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So, you find yourself facing the difficult situation of being left with a damaged home after allowing renters in. This is a true nightmare for every home owner. We have worked with many people in this predicament, so it’s nothing new to us. There’s nothing you could’ve done differently. Sometimes you just get a bad egg and, before the ink dries on the lease, you’ve got dents in your walls and holes in your ceiling.

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The housing market doesn’t always play nice. Varying trends in locations and home styles can really put a damper on your selling plans. When competition is heavy, sometimes your old home just can’t stack up and you’re faced with having to put in extra time and money to get it off of your hands. Fortunately, there is another way to get your property sold quickly.

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