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What To Do When Your Tenants Destroy Your Home

So, you find yourself facing the difficult situation of being left with a damaged home after allowing renters in. This is a true nightmare for every home owner. We have worked with many people in this predicament, so it’s nothing new to us. There’s nothing you could’ve done differently. Sometimes you just get a bad egg and, before the ink dries on the lease, you’ve got dents in your walls and holes in your ceiling.

The Challenging Road Ahead

Naturally, if you haven’t already done so, you’re going to want to evict the tenants. You’ve got to research the legal process in your state and adhere to those guidelines strictly. There will be a period of grace given to the tenants allowing them time to get out. So, you will have to sit on your hands until they are legally moved from your property. If you must give a notice, per state requirements, you should hire an attorney to draft it. If you can’t afford to do that, it is acceptable to do such yourself.

All you can do in the meantime is wait and fulfill your end of any agreement you had set with the tenants. Remain cordial and pleasant throughout this time, as to avoid any further damage to your home.

What To Do When They’re Gone

After you’ve successfully removed the troublesome tenants, you will have to enter the home and assess the damage. Be sure to document everything with photographs, including the things they left behind because you’ll need to pay to have the trash hauled off.

Be mindful of the law when dealing with your tenants’ security deposit. It is so easy to get a lawsuit formed against you in these situations, so consult with a lawyer, if you must. If it is found that the damage in the home exceeds the amount of the deposit, you can take your tenants to court to reap the difference.

Of course, it is very unlikely that you will ever see a dime from your disrespectful ex-renters. So, you could find yourself faced with a huge financial burden with tons of work ahead of you in repairs. Your time is valuable and you’ve already lost so much. There is another option for you, though.

Fix It or Sell It for Cash

At this point, you have a crucial decision to make. You are losing money while your ruined home sits empty. Regardless of whether or not the home is fully paid for, you will have continual taxes and insurance to handle.

You can put in the man hours and put up the cash to fix the place back up to a live-able condition, then rent it again and risk being put back in the same position. Or, you can cut your losses and sell. We can help you by offering cash for your home, as is, and relieve you of the burden that you are currently facing.

Don’t waste anymore time throwing your money down the drain! Give us a call today and set up an appointment.

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